Unplugging on Vacation


  By Vivian Unger

        For the majority of us, the digital world has changed our lifestyle professionally and personally.   In fact, our lifestyle has changed so dramatically that many people stay connected to their digital devices 24/7 managing emails and keeping up with their social media networks. This brings up the question – what drives us to go on vacation? 

     Maybe a vacation is a chance for you to check-in with Foursquare, share your vacation photos on Facebook and brag to your friends and colleagues, which is now called“smoasting” or social media boasting.   On the other hand, a vacation a chance for you to “unplug” and totally get out of your routine.


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The new digital age has exposed a symptom suffered by many social networkers. According to MyLife.com in a national survey of social networkers, 56 percent revealed they are experiencing FOMO or (Fear of Missing Out) symptoms.  Social networkers are feeling overwhelmed by their digital connections with 42 percent of those surveyed indicating they have multiple social networking accounts and 35 per cent of those are spending at least 31 minutes per day managing these accounts.  The survey also indicated 52 percent social networkers have considered or taken a “vacation” from their social networks in the past year.

       The folks at Mashable revealed a study asking whether we should be taking a social media break on vacation.    We need to honestly ask ourselves how long we can go without checking our cellphone.  According to a Time survey, it appears nearly half or 45 percent surveyed could not go more than several hours without their cell phones.  Furthermore, 19 percent can manage without their phones for only a week.

       So when you are getting ready to take your vacation you need to think about the FOMO and whether it is worth the risk of the sand, salt and seawater getting into your smartphone or tablet.

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