Mobile Shopping

by Vivian Unger

Technology has definitely been altering our lifestyle.  It is difficult to imagine what we did without our smartphones and all the remarkable apps. Research is indicating some surprising changes with our mobile phone habits.  This blog will give us an overview on how we use our mobile phones and if gender is having an impact on eCommerce.


smart phone

Source: Steve Kovach, Business Insider


According to Nielsen, mobile shopping is up 5 percent from the reported 25 per cent of those that use their smartphones, with women making more of the purchase decisions. This has been a growing development, as wealth seems to be transferring between the genders.  Nielsen Newswire reports women  have been showing growing trends in purchasing decisions for the small everyday purchases as well as large purchases including furniture, autos and homes.  The figures are anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.

Shopping today is now integrated between two channels, online and in-store. Nielsen examined eCommerce behavior, which supports price as the priority for driving purchases.  According to them, the key to eCommerce is the combination of online  and in-store shopping and marketers need to consider the price-driven consumer along with their use of mobile applications during the entire purchase cycle. Pinterest has been a very effective shopping source that drives consumers to various websites.  This new phenomenon offers a chance for the consumers to engage and build relationships with the source during the purchase cycle.  Engaging with consumers throughout the online and in-store purchase cycle will assure a win/win transaction.

In summary, we soon may be hearing, “Mobile support-aisle seven,” as we browse through Target.  During these economically challenging times, consumers are more value conscious and appreciate using a combination of these channels to achieve their shopping goals.


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