Google Rocks with Innovations

By Vivian Unger

     If you follow the stock market, you noticed that Google’s second quarter performance showed declines of three percent.  This is due to the growing trend of consumers moving to digital mobile devices, which is affecting AdWords revenue.  AdWords is a Keyword tool used in conjunction with Search Engine Optimizer to boost the ranking online searches. 



      Is Google slipping with market share? Not necessarily- Google is announcing their new marketing innovation called enhanced campaigns.  Enhanced campaigns is a new tool is designed for small and mid-sized advertising programs.  Described as an over-simplified system it will encourage wider participation from marketers of all sizes.  However, big brands already have their search optimization campaigns in place so this tool does not necessarily apply to them.

     The catalyst for this move was Google AdWords, which ran on desktop and mobile search results.  Google’s mobile app called AdMob is a separate price.  They are now joining the two programs and calling it Enhanced Campaigns, which will cost advertisers more but allow them to run their ads on desktop as well as mobile.  There is a new update to the AdWords product, which allows advertisers to click-to-call.  This is especially nice for people searching on their mobile phone. Retailers can quickly show a click-to-call ad to people searching on their phone as well as an ad linking to their e-commerce site to a consumer searching on a PC. Remember, the new purchase cycle is now a combination of digital and in- store.

     Another Google announcement is set to rock the nation.  As you probably know, Google makes money on Motorola hardware.  Well, Motorola is announcing the first smartphone designed, engineered, and assembled in Ft. Worth, Texas called  Moto X




Moto X will be a more personalized addition to a consumer’s wardrobe like a watch or wallet.

Technology companies should stand up and take notice of this amazing opportunity for the United States. This product was announced recently in the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal emphasizing an old-fashioned patriotic theme and a tag line “Designed by you. Assembled in the U.S.A.” Details are still forthcoming on Moto X.

 Google rocks!


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